Hiring employees without violations: instructions for entrepreneurs

Step-by-step online instructions on how to hire employees legally are now available on the #StartBusinessChallenge public service.

The instructions describe the stages of employment procedures for private entrepreneurs and legal entities, special aspects of employment for minors, and the requirements for remote work and probation.

Entrepreneurs only need to answer a few simple questions to use the tips from the platform. In particular, it is necessary to select a city and type of business to personalize the information.

Additionally, the platform will allow entrepreneurs to check whether their businesses are subject to quarantine restrictions and learn how to organize their activities properly.

BRDO experts prepared the employment instructions with the support of the State Labor Service of Ukraine.

In 2017, the BRDO developed the #StartBusinessChallenge public online service, which provides free full and up-to-date information on legally opening its own business step by step.

To join the service, visit the section “Cities – add a city”, fill out the form, and get help from the project manager.