20 days from development to contract: speeding up the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has significantly accelerated the process of receiving new weapons samples to the army. This became possible thanks to recent changes in Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 345 dated February 25, 2015, initiated by the Minister of Defense on November 21.

Now, the process of supplying new types of weapons and military equipment can last as little as 20 days, although this period can vary depending on the quality of the documentation provided by the manufacturers.

The updated “fast track” system of arms supply also provides for shortening the terms at other stages. So, testing and verification of combat characteristics of new models will take place directly on the battlefield.

The BRDO team was involved in the development of the resolution in the part related to the new approach to the procurement of UAVs. From now on, unmanned aerial vehicles of the “micro” and “mini” classes, which can be used for both civilian and military purposes, can be purchased by a government customer even if they have not passed the full process of admission to operation and codification as an item of supply.

These changes significantly speed up the process of putting new weapons into operation, which allows the army to get the necessary weapons and equipment faster. It also reduces the administrative pressure on manufacturers and facilitates more efficient interaction between the military and the defense industry.