Draft law on medical cannabis is recommended for adoption as a whole

Deregulation of the market for medical cannabis and technical hemp will soon become a reality.

Recently, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of national health, medical care and medical insurance recommended the draft law on medical cannabis No. 7457 for the second reading.

The draft law is aimed at implementing the best practices in the field of regulation of restricted circulation of cannabis, cannabis resin, extracts and tinctures of cannabis, as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (its isomers and their stereochemical variants), which will allow to create conditions for increasing patients’ access to the necessary treatment and conducting scientific research on the effectiveness of cannabis. The draft law regulates the use of cannabis not only for medical purposes, but also for industrial purposes, as well as scientific and scientific-technical activities.

BRDO has for several years been actively emphasizing the need to address the issue of medical cannabis and the decriminalization of industrial (industrial) hemp. The BRDO team participated in the development of the draft law No. 7457 and participated in the Interdepartmental Working Group on the deregulation, in particular the market of technical hemp, with the main goal of removing the market of technical hemp from the general regulation of narcotics.

Bill No. 7457 proposes to:

  • create regulatory conditions for the legal limited circulation of cannabis, its use for medical, industrial purposes, scientific and scientific and technical activities;
  • establish control over the circulation of varieties of plants of the hemp genus (Cannabis) in certain areas of activity in accordance with the requirements of international law;
  • regulate the requirements for business entities that can carry out operations related to the circulation of varieties of hemp plants (Cannabis);
  • introduce opportunities for the use of cannabis, cannabis resin, cannabis extracts and tinctures, as well as tetrahydrocannabinol for medical, scientific and research purposes.

The issue of regulating the circulation and use of cannabis in Ukraine needs a positive solution for a long time, because the passionate discussion about it in Ukrainian society has been going on for many years. We call on people’s deputies to support draft law No. 7457 in the second reading.