Attracting foreign investments for the reconstruction of Ukraine: the Parliament adopted bill No. 9627 in the first reading

Bill No. 9627, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading, will help Ukraine attract investments for the implementation of projects for the construction of industrial and energy facilities.

What does the document suggest?

Developed with the participation of the BRDO team, bill No. 9627 simplifies the procedure for changing the purpose of land plots. For this purpose, amendments are being made to the Land Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Urban Planning”, in particular:

1. The procedure for establishing and changing the target designation of land plots in territories outside settlements is simplified (if there is no approved urban planning documentation for such territories at the local level) for the placement of:

industrial buildings and warehouses;
agricultural, forestry and fishery buildings;
pipelines, communications and power lines;
complex industrial buildings.

Legislative changes will not apply to:

use of lands assigned to the categories of nature reserve fund and other nature conservation purpose, land of historical and cultural purpose, water fund land, recreational, forestry purpose;
placement of main oil pipelines and main gas pipelines;
placement of enterprises and facilities of enterprises for the enrichment and processing of nuclear materials; waste incineration facilities and furnaces; nuclear power plants.

Such simplification will be in effect during the legal regime of martial law and five years from the date of its termination or cancellation in Ukraine or in the relevant separate area.

2. Information of the urban planning cadastre (for the period before the creation of such a cadastre) will be able to be entered into the Unified State Electronic System in the Field of Construction (EDESSB).

3. Extracts from urban planning documentation will be created using the EDESSB.

4. During the operation of the legal regime of martial law and within five years from the date of its termination or cancellation in Ukraine or in a relevant separate area, it will be allowed to establish and change the purpose of land plots for the above-mentioned purposes in the absence of urban planning documentation at the local level.

What effect will the implementation of the bill have?

Simplifying the procedure for changing the purpose of land plots will contribute to the implementation of investment projects necessary for the rapid and effective recovery of the industry of our country in the post-war period. The implementation of the ZP will be useful not only for attracting private investments, but also for the construction of industrial facilities, which will be built at the expense of budget funds (for example, in the field of development of the defense-industrial complex).

Draft Law No. 9627 was developed by the BRDO team within the EU4busines: SME Policies and Institutions Support (SMEPIS) project, implemented by Ecorys in a consortium with GIZ, BRDO and Civitta.