The Interdepartmental Working Group on the Issues of Accelerated Review of State Regulatory Instruments has started its work

Green light for deregulation! The Interdepartmental Working Group on Issues of Accelerated Review of Instruments of State Regulation of Economic Activity (IWG on Deregulation) has started its work. BRDO prepares analytics on the necessity of maintaining or canceling regulations, the priority of digitization of state regulatory tools, participates in meetings and helps to implement the decisions of the IWG, in particular, to develop legal acts.

The goal of the IWG on deregulation is to improve the business climate in Ukraine. As of now, more than 1000 instruments have been identified in the field of state regulation of economic activities, including: 528 permits, 224 licenses, 157 approvals, 145 conclusions, 121 certificates, 55 declarations, 42 notifications, 23 certifications. Accordingly, with such a large number of regulatory tools, it is quite difficult to start and run a business.

At the first meeting, the IWG on deregulation recommended to the Cabinet of Ministers to cancel 47% of licenses and permits in areas where the Ministry of Economy develops policy. These are instruments that regulate doing business in the fields of export and import of goods (including those with military purposes), investments and intellectual property, technical regulation, labor relations, and labor safety.

In addition to the abolition of outdated and irrelevant regulatory instruments, at the meeting of the Working Group on Deregulation, it was recommended to digitize and simplify about a third of the instruments that belong to the sphere of competence of the Ministry of Economy.

The co-chairs of the group are the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy and the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Digital Transformation. Representatives of the ministries of economy, digital transformation, environment al protection and natural resources, justice, finance, etc. will also take part in the work of the group. In addition to the BRDO, representatives of other NGOs, in particular the Center for Economic Recovery and the Center for Economic Strategy, are involved in the work of the MWG.

At the next meeting of the IWG on deregulation, tools in the spheres belonging to the responsibility of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine will be considered. In the future, the IWG on deregulation will work out regulatory instruments that belong to the sphere of competence of all other authorities.