Debeaurocratization in Education Management (Stage 3, 2023)

Implementation period

March 2023 - September 2023 

Key stakeholders

Ukrainian children and their parents, teachers and educators

Project objective​

Сreation of main registers and key functionality as well as adjustment of data exchange processes with state register systems to meet the needs of the educational sector. This will contribute to the simplification and optimization of reporting and record-keeping procedures, will ensure reduction of the burden on educational institutions and achievement of data integrity in the field of education. The basis for the debureaucratization and digitization of education management processes is the development of the capabilities of the AICOM integrated information system.

Key project stages​

1. Preparation: development of user’s accounts, children’s profiles and business processes.

2. Modernisation: introducing a new version of AICOM (module for accounting of education recipients & educational institutions module), carrying out integrations with Departments of state registration of acts of civil status of the Ministry of Justice.

3. Implementation: establishing technical support, performing primary system connections, ensuring the transfer to electronic record keeping.

4. Legal support: establishing changes to relevant legal acts.


Project description

At the previous phase of our initiative, prototypes of new modules for accounting of educational institutions and accounting of education recipients were designed, which will be completed and implemented in educational institutions in 2023. Other modules have a defined order of development and will be updated according to priority. Current project phase aims at carrying out all the necessary measures for the organization of electronic interaction between AICOM and other state registers to ensure the maintenance of a single record of persons in the register systems based on reliable documentary data and the introduction of a single personal identifier.

The legislative framework for AICOM activities created within the previous phase of the initiative makes it possible to expand the functionality of AICOM and organize a gradual transition to digital record keeping and the generation of statistical reports based on verified personal data in specialized state registers.

Within the timeline of this phase, the project will cover:

1. AICOM modernisation

Designing new processes of effective interaction in the field of education through AICOM interfaces for the further creation of new public online services (Diya).

2. Electronic interaction

Etablishing electronic interaction of AICOM with state registers for obtaining and verifying collected data from the level of the educational institution.

3. National registration of children

Creating a national register of children of preschool and school age, pupils in AICOM based on personal data verified in state registers.

4. Changes in the legal acts

Providing regulatory reengineering to optimize the resources needed to implement the educational process (legal support for changes in AICOM).

5. E-recordkeeping

Creating regulatory basis and technical capabilities for conducting electronic records and reducing the bureaucratic burden in educational institutions.

6. State statistics and reporting

Creating a regulatory and technical opportunity to collect electronic reporting based on reliable personal data in an aggregated form.

7. Tools for educational managers

Creating a convenient environment for access to the tools necessary for making management decisions.


Project categories

IT systems
Legal drafting