Support for the development of the Unified Ecological Portal “ECOSYSTEM”

Reform objective

To establish an effective system of control and management of natural resources. 


Development of a state web portal, digitalization of administrative services, opening of registers, integration of information resources.  


State Policy Concept for the creation of a Unified Ecological Portal, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #1065 “On the Unified Ecological Platform EcoSystem”. 


The EcoSystem is an electronic communication system to manage natural resources. The purpose of the platform is to establish effective communication between businesses and public authorities and provide equal access to natural resources sites along with access to environmental information. The portal covers the management of subsoil use, forestry, fisheries, and water resources. It has the following functions: 

Open access to up-to-date information on natural resources. The public electronic map will contain information on available natural resources and the status of their use.  There will be open registers for each area: electronic subsoil use, e-forestry, e-water, and e-fisheries sectors. 

Electronic services. A user’s e-cabinet will allow economic entities to select an object for use on the electronic map and apply for a permit or participate in an auction for the right to use a shared limited resource. Moreover, users will be able to monitor the entire process of obtaining the right to use a shared limited resource by stages online. 

E-reporting. It will be possible to submit mandatory reporting for each natural management sector electronically 24/7, without personal contact with officials. 

E-traceability of origin and sales of products. It will significantly reduce the shadow market of natural resources by providing transparency and traceability of their origin. 

Environmental monitoring. It implies the operation of an automated system of access to environmental information. This will provide continuous access to up-to-date information on the environment and create opportunities for the prompt response of the State Environmental Inspectorate to environmental threats. 

Environmental inspections. It will ensure transparent, accountable, and predictable activities of the State Environmental Inspectorate. 

Feedback. It will provide the possibility of prompt communication with responsible resource management agencies. 

Why is this essential for Ukraine?

The introduction of the EcoSystem will allow to gradually eliminate corruption in the sector, ensure equal access to shared limited resources and their efficient use and significantly improve Ukraine’s investment attractiveness in the future.