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A draft plan of state inspections is available for businesses on the Inspection Portal

On October 15, state supervision (control) bodies finalized draft annual inspection plans for Ukrainian enterprises. A draft Plan of comprehensive measures was automatically available on the Inspection Portal on October 16.

Now every entrepreneur can find out if his or her company is included in the plan of comprehensive measures, as well as apply to the State Regulatory Service (SRS) to refuse a comprehensive inspection by December 1, if they do not want all inspectors to conduct inspections simultaneously.

In total, the submitted draft plans contain complete information on more than 120,000 inspections from 21 central executive bodies, 4 regional state administrations, and 13 executive committees of local self-government bodies.

The following agencies hold the record for the most inspections planned for 2021:

  • the State Emergency Service (SES) – 50,591 (this year they unified the approach and included inspections of schools, kindergartens and other institutions subordinated to local executive bodies, plans for which were not previously published on the Inspection Portal, in the main plan);
  • the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection – 21,729 (the number of inspections has not changed significantly over the year);
  • the State Labor Service – 21,150 (this year they also unified the approach and included the enterprises in the field of compliance with labour legislation in the draft annual plan);
  • the State Environmental Inspectorate – 11,530 (the number of inspections has not changed significantly over the year);
  • the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (StateGeoCadastre) – 6,083 (the number of inspections has not changed significantly over the year).

More information on the draft comprehensive plan can be found at

More information on draft annual plans can be found at

In 2017, the Better Regulation Delivery Office launched the Inspection Portal developed for the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program (CEP).

The portal is constantly being improved and has been actively used by entrepreneurs and state supervision (control) bodies for the last three years. In particular, the “Entrepreneur’s Assistant” as an addition to the Inspection Portal designed to simplify the preparation of entrepreneurs for visits of state inspectors was presented in mid-June.