45% of regulatory instruments from the sphere of the Ministry of Environment are proposed to be canceled

To abolish 45% of regulatory instruments from the sphere of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine is the recommendation of the Interdepartmental Working Group (IWG) on deregulation. When making the decision, the criteria of compliance of regulatory instruments with European and international obligations were taken into account.

Another 45% of tools – licenses, permits, approvals – are proposed to be modernised or digitised.

The IWG on deregulation is headed by First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko and Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov. The meetings are also attended by representatives of leading analytical centers, in particular, the BRDO.

According to the results of the IWG decisions, projects of legal acts will be developed, which will undergo a general procedure of agreement between the Central Committees, including public discussions on the proposed changes.

It is recommended, in particular, to cancel the following burdensome and outdated instruments of state regulation:

  • approval of the land lease agreement in the complex with the water facility located on it;
  • approval of the technological project for the return of associated stratum waters of oil and gas deposits to underground horizons;
  • approval of the boundaries of sanitary protection zones of water bodies;
  • permission to carry out activities aimed at artificially changing the state of the atmosphere and atmospheric phenomena for economic purposes;
  • consent to emissions of pollutants for which the relevant environmental safety standards have not been established;
  • approval of standards of the maximum permissible level of influence of physical and biological factors of stationary sources of pollution on the state of atmospheric air;
  • permission to carry out agricultural, forestry and other industrial activities aimed at obtaining marketable products within sanitary protection zones, as well as construction of social and public facilities, conducting scientific research within sanitary protection zones, etc.

​25% of instruments subject to cancellation are duplicative with an environmental impact assessment.

It is proposed to digitise, for example, such documents as a permit for waste treatment operations, state registration (re-registration) of pesticides and agrochemicals, approval of water supply standards.

Also it is planned to improve the permit for special water use, in particular, to develop a service for online calculation of limit-permissible discharges of substances and the Single register for environmental impact assessment (the data of which must be converted into the forms of open fields to ensure the possibility of integration with other information and communication systems).

To remind, at the first meeting the IWG recommended the Cabinet of Ministers to cancel 47% of the current instruments of state regulation in the sphere of the Ministry of Economy.