BRDO calls the public and business to join project analysis of license conditions

The State Regulatory Service sent the draft license conditions on conducting business activities in transportation of passengers, dangerous materials and hazardous waste products by air for analysis of the Better Regulation Delivery Office BRDO. 

As the review process of license conditions is transparent and open, the BRDO opened a special section that will publish the license conditions coming from the State Regulatory Service and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on its website.

Any license is a restriction for business. And this restriction should be as concrete and clear as possible for both a regulator, business and the public. That’s why, the BRDO encourages business representatives and the public to get involved in this process and send their proposals at [email protected]. All proposals and comments sent to the Better Regulation Delivery Office BRDO will be taken into account in drawing the conclusions.

 In addition, we would like to remind you that the BRDO experts have already reviewed more than 20 draft license conditions. Based on the results of this review, the draft comments to each of the processed documents have been prepared. Besides, the Guidelines for developing license conditions were worked out together with the State Regulatory Service. This document should provide a unified approach to developing license conditions as well as be a marker for regulators. They should assist in the creation of real performance criteria, the indicators of which can be measured later by conducting a basic research.