Deregulation continues – it is proposed to cancel or modernize a third of the instruments of state regulation from the sphere of the Ministry of Infrastructure

Almost a third of the current instruments of state regulation in the fields of aviation, highways, transport safety, railways, communication, shipping, and tourism are proposed to be canceled or modernised.

The corresponding decision was made at the meeting of the IWG on deregulation, which is chaired by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliya Svyrydenko and Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

The meetings are also attended by representatives of leading analytical centers, in particular BRDO. Based on the results of the IWG decisions, legislative acts will be developed, which will undergo a general approval procedure by the central executive bodies, including public discussions on the proposed changes.

At the last meeting of the IWG, 153 instruments of state regulation under the competence of the Ministry of Infrastructure and central executive bodies subordinated to the ministry were analysed.

Thus, 49% of the analysed current instruments relate to the aviation industry, 26% to shipping, and 16% to transport safety.

Based on the results of the review, it is recommended to cancel the authorization documents, such as:

  • Agreement on the arrangement of guarded car parking lots on public roads
  • Certificate for the right to sell air transportation
  • Permit for the right to provide tourist support, etc

The following instruments of state regulation are planned to be optimized:

  • License for carrying out business activities for the transportation of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous waste by rail transport (in particular, the taxi market)
  • Approval of the route of heavy and/or oversized vehicles
  • Permit to transport passengers on interregional public bus routes
  • Certificate of establishing the category of a hotel or other object intended for the provision of temporary accommodation (accommodation) services
  • Certificate of compliance of the vehicle with the requirements of the Agreement on international transportation of perishable food products and on special vehicles intended for these transportations, etc.

We will remind you that earlier the IWG considered and formulated proposals for the cancellation or optimisation of more than 70% of state regulatory instruments from the sphere of competence of the Ministry of Economy and more than 80% of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.